The Arab Spring Hasn’t Sprung Rights for Women

21st February 2012ce

The Arab Spring signaled hope for millions across the Middle East. But with Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt having elected religious-dominated governments, women remain as marginalised as ever and – ominously – risk the loss of even more pre-revolution rights, as was the case in post-1979 Iran. 

In an illuminating article for the New York Daily News entitled “The Arab Spring's Misogynist Winter”, Deborah Scroggins writes:

“A year after they marched alongside men to topple regimes in the Arab Spring, Arab women are facing a wall of misogyny.

In Tunisia, Salafist vigilantes have been attacking unveiled women and occupying universities that do not allow the face veil. In Egypt, only eight out of 508 newly elected parliamentarians are female, and the country’s Islamists are threatening to repeal laws making it easier for women to divorce and to gain custody of their children. The head of Libya’s transitional government has promised to bring back polygamy.”

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