Black Sheep and Biker FM present

Tue'sday Night / Wodnesday Morning

July 5th/July 6th

4 hours of current and classic underground music from the heart of Avebury, Britain’s only stone circle with a pub at its centre. 4 hours of heavy heavy sounds, interspersed with timeless commentaries from Lord Buckley, lenny Bruce, Dorian Cope and various members of the Black Sheep.

New music from: Black Sheep, Alethes, Datashock, People Of The North, Sorc’henn, Las Kellies, Kawaguchi Masami’s New Rock Syndicate, 5-Track, plus shitloads more.

Brand new sessions from: Urthona, Acoustika, David Wrench and Nurse With Mound.

All presented by Big Nige & Julian H. Cope, with various heavy friends.