Julian Cope—
You Gotta Problem With Me

Head Heritage / 2007ce
Disc One
  1. Dr. Know
  2. Beyond Rome
  3. Soon To Forget Ya
  4. You Gotta Problem With Me
  5. They Gotta Different Way Of Doing Things
  6. Peggy Suicide Is A Junkie

Disc Two
  1. A Child Is Born In Cerrig-Y-Drudion
  2. Woden
  3. Sick Love
  4. Can't Get You Out Of My Country
  5. Vampire State Building
  6. Hidden Doorways
  7. Shame Shame Shame
On this, Julian Cope’s first new album for 18 months, he addresses such currently controversial issues as religion, misogyny and homophobia, corporate greed and the destruction of Mother Earth. Cope delivers his message via 13 insidiously melodic post-punk songs in the JEHOVAHKILL style, many sparsely orchestrated with Mellotron, wah-wah guitars, orchestral percussion and even lush harmonies. Released across two 28-minute-long CDs, YOU GOTTA PROBLEM WITH ME is accompanied by a 16-page booklet of insights, hard-hitting information, and one very epic poem.