Julian Cope—
Citizen Cain'd

Head Heritage / 2005ce
Side One
  1. Hell is Wicked
  2. I Can't Hardly Stand It
  3. I'm Living in the Room They Found Saddam In
  4. Gimme Head
  5. Dying To Meet You
  6. I Will Be Absorbed

Side Two
  1. Feels Like A Crying Shame
  2. World War Pigs
  3. Stomping Dionysus
  4. Homeless Strangers
  5. The Living Dead
  6. Edge of Death
At last! January 2005CE finally brings forth Julian Cope’s almost mythical album CITIZEN CAIN’D. The 12 tracks include the long-time concert favourites “I’m Living in the Room They Found Saddam In” and “Feels Like A Crying Shame”, the latter appearing in a blissed-out 11-minute incarnation. Although all the material would have fitted on to one single CD, Cope has chosen to release CITIZEN CAIN’D as two short CDs of 34 and 37 minutes respectively; taking this approach because he deemed several of the songs ‘too psychologically exhausting’ for one single listen. However, CITIZEN CAIN’D is being sold for a single album price, and arrives sumptuously packaged in a gloss black outer cardboard case and opaque black double-jewel case.