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The Acid Trash Jamboree - A YouTube Channel Dedicated to Strange Music (and Films!)
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Edited Feb 28, 2024, 23:53
The Acid Trash Jamboree - A YouTube Channel Dedicated to Strange Music (and Films!)
Feb 28, 2024, 23:44

I've been a lowly lurker around these parts on and off for ages now, but with some JC-related content in the works for my YouTube channel, I figured now might be a good time to actually sign up and start contributing to this fine forum!

So yes, The Acid Trash Jamboree is the name of the channel, where I show and discuss all manner of offbeat, obscure, weird and wonderful music from my personal collection (as well as films, if they're your thing too).

Types of music covered: psychedelic/space/progressive rock, acid/freak folk, harsh noise, industrial, power electronics, drone, black/death/doom/heavy metal, free jazz/improv, fusion, outsider, dark ambient, neofolk, avant-garde, dungeon synth, Krautrock/Kosmische, lo-fi, post-punk, psych pop, freakbeat, American Primitive etc etc...

Here's a guide to all the music-related episodes I've uploaded so far:

Episode 1 - The Incredible String Band - An Overview Part One: Elektra-Acoustic Acid Folk Genius (1965 - 1970)


Episode 2 - The Incredible String Band - An Overview Part Two: The Half-Remarkable Island Years (1971 - 1974)


Episode 6 - Piercing Frequencies! Underground Noise Damage: Black Sand Desert / Controlled Bleeding / OWL


Episode 8 - Bongos & Boot Polish! The Sinister Sonic World of Don Bradshaw-Leather


Episode 9 - Odds 'n' Ends - Wolfgang Dauner's Et Cetera / John Palmer / Golden Axes 2 / Fabio Frizzi


Episode 10 - Odds 'n' Ends - Dead Moon / Morly Grey / The Vampires of Dartmoore / Billy Green ("Stone" OST)


Episode 12 - Odds 'n' Ends - Indian Summer / The Open Window / Doug Snyder & Bob Thompson


Episode 14 - Box Sets of Doom! Robert Turman "Chapter Eleven" (4 x CD - Hanson Records / Helicopter)


Episode 16 - Acid Folk Flashbacks - Philip John Lewin / Bill Clint / Clearing


Episode 17 - Acid Folk Flashbacks - Tully / Joseph Pusey / Courtyard Music Group


Episode 19 - Incredibly Strange Black Metal - Anubi (Lithuania)


Episode 22 - Coruscating Compilations! "Darkscorch Canticles" & "Acid Nightmares" (Warfaring Strangers)


Hopefully there's some stuff there that a few of you might be interested in! As I say, I'm working on a Cope-centric video right now, which I hope to have finished and uploaded within the next few days and I've got a tonne of ideas for future content, which I'll post about here in due course.

Cheers if you decide to check the channel out!
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