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Re: Book Of Seth - Sly + The Move
Jun 05, 2024, 14:33
Citizensmurf wrote:
Another couple singles reviews from Seth posted this week. I must admit I have never checked out The Move, and was completely ignorant of their transition into ELO.

As for Sly, I'm well versed in the discography, but Thank You is proabably one of the first Stone tracks that made me sit up and pay attention. I'd probably heard "Dance to the Music" and "Everyday People", but in high school I bought a boxed set via the shopping channel that was an overview of Rolling Stone magazine for their 25th year. (https://www.discogs.com/master/3192993-Various-The-Rolling-Stone-Collection-25-Years-Of-Essential-Rock) which included Thank You.

Being geographically isolated from any record store (small town Northern BC), my outlets for new (and new to me) music was Muchmusic, Rolling Stone + Spin, and any mail order catalogue I could get my hands on. I bought this box to hear some more of these classic songs without having to buy every album. I later made a comp of my favourite tracks, including Thank you.

One day during lunch break, I was serving a detention in class, and asked the teacher if I could play some music while I did homework. As soon as the opening bass notes of Thank You hit her ears, she stopped the tape and told me to never play anything else. What possibly was so offensive that made her accept the MC5 and Jefferson Airplane but not Sly?

It was many years later that I found some vinyl copies of Fresh, Stand and Riot to play in full, but Thank You always holds a special place to me.

What a weird response!
Weirder still you could play tunes in detention. Wow.

I know I first heard "Thank You" on the radio in the mid-seventies.
I also know I heard "Family Affair" on the radio fifty years ago today several times on the radio -- it was the day Sly tied the knot at Madison Square Garden with Kathy Silva. Oh, but NYC was wall-to-wall Sly that week:

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