October 1999CE

October 1999ce

People of the Net, Re-Greetings,

Millennium neuroses abound as they failed to get the big wheel off the ground. The Pope’s claimed God may also be a woman and that Heaven is just a state of mind (Too much communing with Bono and Belinda Carlisle, I fancy).

This drude’s been in Net Stasis these past few months as I’ve attempted to finish my new book and navigate the far reaches of my ‘80s mind (also stocking up on tins of beans, pasta, toilet paper and bathfuls of water). The book is called Repossessed, and it's an autobiographical account of the fallow time after The Teardrop Explodes right up to the point in 1989 where I first careered/slipped into Vision mode. I’d been promising this book for some time, but had not had the time nor the inclination to put myself through dredging up such weird and nagging and negative feelings – then Thorsons/ HarperCollins said they wanted to publish it and that got my ass in gear at last, bigtime.

My editor re-read Head-On and suggested that we publish the two volumes together, kind of like The Skellington Chronicles, or those Two-for-the price-of-one LPs they put out in the early ‘70s (Tyrannosaurus Rex/Backtracks/etc). It seemed like a great idea as Head-On was never properly distributed and had only been available on mail order these past years. So we’ve designed a cunning and huge double Reversible 400+ page paperback with Repossessed on one side (w/Head-On upside down on the other), which means that Head-On can be read (with Repossessed upside down). Got Me? It looks like a right pop-art statement and they even let me have 32 pages of photos. The Head-On ones are slightly improved (less L’Pool characters/more of me!), whilst the Repossessed ones are full colour and brimming over with vibrational otherness.

There’s also a new meditational CD for your pre-sleep use, going by the name of Odin – after the Shamanic Oldfather himself. 73-minutes of wa-vocal harmonies and breathful incantation have been sent through my Starchamber 1 to provide a bed of blissful travel without the body-load. Lose your Neuroses instantly – oh, and read my new book and pretend the millennium is still miles away.

Love on y’all,


Sool, The Marlborough Downs