Anti-War March Drudion

March 2003ce

Pax Americana! Hail Caesar!

On the evening of the great anti-war demonstration, I sat alone at the Maltese Goddess temple of Bugibba and lamented that it was on precisely this lonely peninsular where St. Paul’s cocky ass got shipwrecked 2000 years ago. And looking around at the vile seafront development of that so-called St. Paul’s Bay, I could only see it as a perfect metaphor for the patriarchal world in which we’re living. So this Address Drudion is dedicated to the great female anti-war demonstrator T.J. Hart, who just went to prison for cutting a hole in the fence at the American airbases at Fylingdales and entering the base. They gave her two months because she wouldn’t accept community service, so she went to prison the day after her 30th birthday.

Pax Americana! Hail Geezer!

Don’t bring on the war, this so-called Gulf War 2. Or should we call it ‘Gulf W. War’? Or ‘W.W.3’? Gotta be a double-U in there somewhere, though he’ll be tucked up safe and sound in his bunker several thousand miles away from the front. By the way, the so-called army and police presence around Heathrow was nothing at all, whatever Geoff “Buff” Hoon tells us. If you’re looking for a ring of steel, it’s gotta be Blair’s sphincter right now. The long term parking people said the police had actually told them it would not affect their businesses because “this area is so undefendable we just have to look as though we’ve made an effort.”

Pax Americana! Hail Ali G!

Though he’s so long past his sell-by-date in Britain, it was good to hear that the old fraud was bombing good-style by winding up humourless America. That 7/11 gag has gotta be the way forward. From now on, I ain’t never gonna call it anything else. I used to have such a problem with Ali G. because it seemed so racist to have a smart Jew taking the piss out of Black Moslems. But somehow it’s all got so convoluted now, it just doesn’t seem to matter anymore. Not that I’m trying to white Islam’s sepulchre, either. On the anti-war Question Time, a Saudi diplomat admitted to David Dimbleby that democracy in the Middle-East would always be a problem because (get this) “it’s against the principals of Islam.” Oo-er, missus – watt a giveaway!

Pax Americana!

Meanwhile, back in Head Heritageland, the Donor 45’s arrived and looks great. However, we can’t sell you any as it’s too limited. I’m still rising early every morning to get the new book finished on time, and travelling around Europe at every available moment. THE MEGALITHIC EUROPEAN is gonna be fabulous, so please excuse the time it’s taking me to complete. You can’t hurry love, and you can’t substitute fieldwork with book-reading. I gotta see those places in order to tell the true story.

Okay, I’m not gonna drone on during this time of gravity and deep moral malaise. If you wanna do something positive, write to T.J. Hart and tell her you love her. When Blair’s done for war crimes, we can wear t-shirts with her face on as we watch his public execution. You can send photos of animals (which she loves) or postcards of the same to:

T.J. Hart, HMP Low Newton, Brasside, Durham DH1 3YA.

And remember this: our Western evangelical zeal and need to foist our democracy on to everyone else whether they want it or not is only a part of the Christian or post-Christian way of seeing the world. Judaism from whence Christianity sprung did not feel this need, rather the opposite, actually. Only St. Paul AKA Saul the Taxman felt the need to evangelise everything the Shiny Guy said, and Pauline Christianity is RIGHT NOW destroying the world. Only the truly undeveloped brain thinks what is good for it must be good for the rest of the world. Anyone with a brain knows that the only Iraqis who won’t be endangered by this soon-coming war will be Saddam and his close associates. Onward Christian Soldiers? I think not.

Love Fucking Peace,

JULIAN (M’Lud Yatesbury)