January 1998CE

January 1998ce


Did ya have a Cool Yule Britannia? We spent the whole time listening to the New York Dolls’ Xmas LP (“Martian Christmas”? Forget about it!), and Thighpaulsandra embarrassed my mother by parading a copy of Elizabeth Vagina at our Xmas party. I’m currently exercising to the first Montrose LP (“Bad Motor Scooter”? Forget about it!), in preparation for my forthcoming solo-tour An Audience With The Cope. I’m seeing new and obscure parts of the Marlborough Downs after a year of writing, and the whole deal continues to mystify me. The tour begins at the end of January – just a flourescent mellotron & wa-acoustic – which gives me a chance to see people and feel their remarkable power. At the Manchester Poetry Festival, in November, I was so entranced by the audience that the whole show had a mystical glow for me.

This year is pretty well booked up already. Thighpaulsandra’s first solo LP is due for late spring, on the Glambient label, whilst the Anal v. E.Wrecked double-CD is projected for the same time (Look out for “Kiss Me Ringland”), again on the KAK label. The Modern Antiquarian is currently exhausting me with its ever-changing schedule, but it is still on course for a September 98CE release. If I get too fried, I might play a festival this summer for a non-corporate break, as the publishers’ building is a meganormous West London atmosphere-controlled skin-shriveller and too much time there makes me berserk.

I’ll leave Yawl Now to a hopefully happy New Year (Forget about it!),

Love on ya,