October Drudion 2001 CE

October 2001ce

Women of the Free World,

If you’ve read any of my work, you’ll know how much I hate the term Mankind. So you’ll understand when I tell y’all that the events of September 11th were not the work of Humanity, but the workings of Mankind. In fact, every day since September 11th has pushed Humanity lower and lower and elevated more and more that dreaded Mankind Syndrome. This is Big Man fronting it out against Other Big Man. This is Giant versus Giant. Bollocks v. Sweaty Bollocks.

Jesus of Mankind it was who preached turning the other cheek – in the minds of Blair and Burning Bush, he must have meant butt cheek. Which is why they felt it correct to fart their load over the cities of Afghanistan. “Don’t breathe the Brown Air!” But how do you employ a scorched earth policy on a place which is already scorched earth? How do you raze cities to the ground if their own government got there before you? And do we even know who done the World Trade Centre in? Blair’n’Bush sure ain’t proved a thing to me yet. If Blair believes in bombing the cities in which terrorism is harboured, surely he himself might be behind the New York bombings – since, using the strategy of the west, there’s certainly enough Irish pubs in Manhattan giving to the IRA to justify it. Bush-lackey Blair is the ultimate Patriarch and he’s endangering all of us in Britain with his Richard the Lionheart act. By swanning off to the Crusades preaching democracy and freedom, he’s leaving Britain ungoverned and unfree. Unfreedom. That chillingly modern term was coined by the Norman conquerors to describe the new situation which the Saxons found themselves in. You ain’t slaves – you’re just Unfree. Bush-lackey Blair is a new Norman, same as Richard the Lionheart was.

Mankind v. Humanity. So Kate Adie gets blamed for endangering Papa Blair. At least she’s not out on the front line crouching behind some Afghan hilltop like some of these TV reporters are. That cavalier attitude is appalling – the ultimate western show of supremacy. Here we are in Doolallybad surrounded by angry Muslims, but we don’t scare! Can you imagine a Pakistani reporter down the East End of London not getting lynched in the same situation? No way.

How do you wake a sleeping giant? Sacrifice his bollocks as he sleeps. How do you Hollywood-ize your genuine disaster? Call the ruins Ground Zero. How do you further devalue the lives of 6000 innocents? Forget that you’ve temporarily got the moral high ground, and blow it with the first Cruise missile launched. How do you demonise Americans? Just let their own politicians speak their minds on TV. Perhaps Osama Bin Laden did do the SBD. But does that justify Anglo-America retaliating by cutting the cheese across the whole of Afganistan? Look at the Afghanis on TV – they look like us in dress-up. They’re beautiful. Their kids are gorgeous and their men look like old men from southern England. If David Lean did a film about Afghanistan, he’d have sacked them all as extras ‘cause they didn’t look Middle Eastern enough.

We all know Bush is still in diapers and needs a rubber undersheet because he still wets the bed. But just because the President of the USA is too frit to fly, that’s no excuse for our Prime Minister to be doing the West’s laundry. Geographically, I’m proud to be British. But politically, I’m fucking embarrassed. Just like Coca Cola and McDonalds, Tony Blair has finally become a true world leader.

Will we ever learn? Not until we know the issues. Will we ever know the issues? Not until liberal political correctness is sacrificed on the altar of learning. The women-hating, education-hating Taliban suck. But we helped put them in power. Now we wanna put the women-hating Northern Alliance in. Same fucking guys. Almost.

If we in the West all hate religion so much, how come so many people have respect for a women-enslaving creed that they don’t understand? Is it because liberal intellectuals secretly yearn for something similar? Do they all want multiple wives? Or has post-Christianity taught us open-mindedness in the face of our own destruction? And why are the Patriarchs of Islam not condemning the acts of those God-forsaken suicidal Motherfuckers? Why hasn’t Islam risen as one man [sic] to say "We Do Not Represent This Obscenity?"

We know Christianity has become a religion of hate – look to Northern Ireland for current confirmation. We know Judaism has become a religion of hate – look to Israel in Palestine for the evidence. And Islam is also becoming a religion of hate – look to the burning World Trade Centre and wait for worldwide Muslim condemnation of the terrorists – but don’t hold your breath.

Long live Humanity – Down with Religions!!!!

I’m gonna get me a burka and wear it all day long. Freedom from Oppression – bearded, be-suited or otherwise.

Love Fucking Peace,

JULIAN of Yatesbury AKA ODIN the Ad-Din

P.S. Don’t Bomb Afghanistan, you excruciatingly self-righteous undemocratic un-practise-what-you-preach Simplistic-minded Motherfuckers!

P.P.S. Today, the US Republican politician Peter King commented that Prime Minister Blair is “an American with a British accent.” Sic sic sic.