November 1997CE

November 1997ce


Well, I’ve finally finished the Modern Antiquarian at last. After six years, the publishers have accepted the manuscript and are currently putting it together for a September 1998CE release date. It is so long in design because of the sheer bulk of the project. The last chapters sprung a few extra questions which needed to be resolved, so I’ve begun a small follow-up to tie up these loose ends. It is not really a sequel, more of a coda.

November finally sees the release of the Queen Elizabeth 2 double-CD. It is a huge 130-minute trip called ELIZABETH VAGINA. There are five long pieces of music, each one dedicated to aspects of the Goddess, be it in living female form or as represented through the Mother Earth. Disc one contains three epic tracks, the final 34-minute piece being ‘Callanish’, a cosmic eulogy to the whole area. Side two is mainly taken up by The Dianaver, a 48-minute Osmosis of the past summer's events rendered sonically without attention to time. The front sleeve features Thighpaulsandra flying through deep-space on an Eastenders milkfloat and is furnished after the Eurostyle method of design.

I’m playing at the Manchester Poetry Festival on the 16th of November, which is my only show of the year. I’ll take a guitar as well as I've got a few new ones to play. After I finished the book, my body felt so cramped up that I couldn't move. But I turned 40 in late October and I'm beginning to come back to life at last.

Love on Ya!

Mr. Drude.