July 1997CE

July 1997ce

Chilled Children of the Chillom,

After the wettest June since records began, it finally appears to be time to say Summer greetings from the psychic Navel of Britain. I’m still stuck indoors finishing The Modern Antiquarian, my Big Book of Stones and I seem to get slower everyday. The Rollright Stones are up for sale right now, and Head Heritage is trying to help secure them for future generations. There are other prospective buyers, so it is important that no-one on their own selfish trip gets their hands on this sacred place – the Rollrights serve a huge central area of England and need to be kept as easy to visit as possible. The original intention of Head Heritage was to help erect stone circles in Leicestershire, and other areas with no great stones of their own, in the same way that the modern Welsh eisteddfods provide a permanent stone ring as a permanent memory of each festival. JoAnne has written more about this in her Head Page.

The Summer Solstice was a bizarre event this year. What with the Stonehenge garbage still happening, many people are now staying overnight in Avebury for the Sunrise. The Mothers of the Avebury Primary School felt that it would be wonderful to have a breakfast ready for all these people and at the same time raise money for the school, and so announced The Solstice Cafe, a vegan/veggie/regular cheap affair in the Avebury Social Centre. The Mothers put posters up around Avebury, featuring art from Avebury schoolchildren and waited… The next morning, all the posters had been pulled down AND ripped up by the National Front/Trust who were pitifully outraged by this act of decency, and claimed that this would attract more “undesirable” people. Right On, oh post-Christian Plankton.

Of course, it made no difference, as parents just went to Silbury and W. Kennett and told everyone personally. The place was packed. Everyone who came to the Cafe dug it bigtime, and the breakfasts were delicious. Because of the tactlessness show by the Front, all the Mothers of Avebury have now been politicised and are already preparing for next year. So get to Avebury next Summer solstice and beat those Bozos.

All praise to the Mother – Love on Y’all

Long Love the Polite Force! Death to the Insecuricor!

Mr. Drude.

Silbury View – July 1997 CE