July 2000CE

July 2000ce

Krautonautical Cyber-Kelts,

I’m overwhelmed by your response to the TV thing. Hundreds of emails and letters came pouring in this week saying you triple-loved it. So did I! I’m so surprised to say it, but it's the truth. The prospect of seeing the thing actually broadcast had me jittery, but it rocked more than Michael Eavis in a Methodist church! The TV music provoked loads of questions, so yes, that was Brain Donor when you didn’t recognise a particular sonic groove. Also the Mellotron music was specially commissioned for the programme, but variations will turn up in the future.

By the way, I know JoAnne promised a full run down about the October tour but I ain't ready to spill yet. Safe to say there won't be a band with me, as Jason ‘Slow Train Coming’ Spaceman still hasn’t finished the Spiritualized album and requires them all for permanent psychological back up. He says the new album is gonna be called Don't Just Do Something, Sit There, which is apt – he mixes one track per week then freaks out and starts all over again. Kinda reminds me of when I shared a manager with Tears for Fears – all that wasted money and indecision is hyped as genius. But at least my musicians are earning a fortune. Anyway, I may have somebody with me on tour but it sure won’t be my band. Uh, lookout!

Also, thanks to your freeburning 3rd eye & iMac computer scholarship, Unsung is turning into a real Drudicon of Rock‘n’roll. As the writings and writhings of Lester Bangs proved over and over, rock‘n’roll heroes aren’t just the singers and the musicians. And every new review that you contribute helps to create a colossal repository of Gnostic rock‘n’roll quite unlike anywhere else. We’ve got some righteous and mysterious Albums of the Month soon-coming at ya, so get your concrete platforms on and stand in the eye of the shitstorm. And always remember – you can’t beat your brain for entertainment!

Fair warning/Love on ya!

Mr. Drude