March 2000CE

March 2000ce

Websters, Surfers & All Night Cybernauts,

How are ye’all? We're three months into Year Zero and there’s still no let up at all. Mozambique is underfed and underwater. The Irish Peace-on has become Peace-off. Lardy-thighed Roosky military droogettes celebrated Women’s Day by stomping the Chechen high-steppes, while that nation’s population peered fearfully from its fractured basements. In Ireland, Oliver Cromwell’s 400-year-old decision to let Protestant Lowland Scots run a Catholic country is still having totally negative repercussions, whilst Londoners try to pick a mayor without the help of Tony Blair.

Me? I gottan LP coming out on Head Heritage called Floored Genius 3 – all unreleased and a stoned gasser. I'm also preparing for Julian Cope’s Cornucopea at the South Bank Centre (see my previous Address Drudion for more info) – it's two long evenings (April 1/2) of rock‘n’roll‘n’glambient thang with the Groundhogs and Coil and Ash Ra Tempel and Anal and the Universal Panzies and Skyray and Queen Elizabeth and Kid Strange. The April 1st show will finish with a first performance by Brain Donor; a sub-rock power trio featuring Doggen, Kev and myself. We play riffs on doubleneck guitars, we wear make-up and platforms, and we chew. ‘Nuff Said.

Come to Cornucopea with all the Forward-thinking Motherfuckers and get a true Millennium X-peerience. Come to Cornucopea and receive a cool cool CD programme. Celebrate the moment with souvenirs‘n’dancing.

Love on y'all,